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Today, the economy is globalizing at a dizzying pace with people, goods, money, and information crossing national borders, and as the internationalization of business has become essential for future growth, it has become a proposition that is raised tremendous expectations.

Ever since we expanded our materials handling business overseas in the 1980s, we have vigorously promoted internationalization. At present, we conduct business with a view to the future in North America, one of the centers of the global economy, and in ASEAN countries and China, which is rapidly developing into a vast global market.

We conduct business with a view to the future.
In North America, and in ASEAN/OCEANIA countries, Middle East countries and African countries now. However in order to achieve further growth, we still need our New local distributors in the following areas and countries.
If you want to be a our distributor, Would you please contact with us.

*Details of Areas & Countries are as follows

If you are interested in being our distributor, please contact us via e-mail below.



North Africa

Democratic and People's Republic of Algeria
Libyan Jamahiriya
Kingdom of Morocco
Republic of Tunisia

West Africa

Republic of Benin
Burkina Faso
Republic of Cape Verde
Republic of Cote d'lvoire
Republic of The Gambia
Republic of Ghana
Republic of Guinea
Republic of Guinea-Bissau
Republic of Liberia
Republic of Mali
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Republic of Senegal
Republic of Sierra Leone
Republic of Togo
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

East Africa

State of Eritrea

Central Africa

Republic of Burundi
Republic of Cameroon
Central African Republic
Republic of Chad
Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Gabonese Republic
Republic of Niger
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

East Asia


Central Asia

Republic of Kazakhstan
Republic of Tadzhikistan
Republic of Uzbekistan

South Asia

People's Republic of Bangladesh
Kingdom of Bhutan
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Indian Ocean Area

Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros
Republic of Maldives
Republic of Seychelles


Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Kingdom of Tonga

Middle East

Kingdom of Bahrain
State of Israel
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
State of Kuwait
Sultanate of Oman
State of Qatar

Southeast Asia

Negara Brunei Darussalam
Kingdom of Cambodia
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Republic of the Philippines
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam


Russian Federation

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Click here to contact us if you have any enquiries about our products or you would like an estimate.

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