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Here is an introduction to our products born under the concept of "delivering chain with value." Click on the links below for illustrations and other easy-to-understand information that provides a more in-depth explanation of the innovative products that harness our know-how and proprietary technology cultivated over many years.

SAV705(Chains for Water Treatment System)

SAV705 chain was designed as an economical stainless steel chain alternative to plastic chain for rectangular clarifier usage. Maintaining the same materials and sprockets for plastic chain. No special modifications to the existing systems or tank layout is required.

Double Capacity Roller Chain

We have launched in Japan the Double Capacity Chain, which is a single strand chain that provides rupture strength almost equivalent to that of a double strand chain. Its ability has already been proved in the overseas market. This product is based on our original idea.

Chain for Biomass Power Generation Facilities BM Series

Rising environmental awareness and energy shortages caused by the nuclear accident in Fukushima has led to an increase in biomass power generation plants that burn factory waste and other normally discarded materials to produce power. In response, we have created a product lineup of chains for biomass power generation facilities. The chains have superior wear and corrosion resistance.

Lubricated Bushing Roller Chain
Environmentally conscious ECO series that extends chain life with self-lubrication

Self-lubricating of oil-impregnated sintered steel bushings delivers safe operation without the need for external lubrication.

SBR-PRIME Roller Chain
Latest type of high added-value roller chain

Here is an introduction to SBR PRIME roller chain, a new product that harnesses the special characteristics of solid bushing and roller (SBR) chain that has no seams in order to deliver even greater performance.

Food conveyor solution with the ultimate in wear resistance and corrosion resistance
VC Chain

Amid the rising concern for food safety and security, there is an increasing demand for better chain performance on food conveyors. This is an introduction to our VC Chain developed in response to this demand.

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Click here to contact us if you have any enquiries about our products or you would like an estimate.

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